Pet Value

 Pet Value is my absolute favorite place to bring my little man. Winston is my little deer chihuahua and he sheds badly! And I mean BAD! Pet Value let’s me bring him for a $10 bath and the best part about all this is it only costs $10 freaking dollars!!!! 

Now the bath section is awesome it’s gated in so your little one doesn’t run out. And the baths are pretty big for all sizes. Now if you’re like me then you don’t really enjoy puppy baths because of the process and getting wet the entire time. However pet value provides little treats to help calm your puppy down if they’re like my pup and hate the water. However if your little one loves the water than consider yourself LUCKY!! 

Pet value also provides shampoo if you forget to bring some and it doesn’t even cost extra. Also they have an awesome collar for your dog if they move around a lot and you need that extra assistance! 

Winston constantly needs to be deshedded because it gets bad and everything I own or even eat yes I did just say eat had at least one of his little hairs on it. Poor little man. But this is why pet value is worth it because now for just a little amount of money I can take him at least once a week or every other week for a bath. And the hair blowers are awesome and work well. Basically they provide everything you just have to bring your dog! 

Oh and before I forget again if your like me and hate getting wet we’ll guess whatttttt they also provide smocks! HUGE BONUS POINTS!!!!! 

Thank you Pet Value for making giving my little guy a bath so much easier now! Check them out with the link below. 

Pet Value

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