Basically my watch obsession. For those who don’t know what MVMT is it’s a watch company that was started by two college drop outs. Their vision was simple to start an online shop for affordable watches and through social media they’ve become instantly popular. 

Their watches are not only affordable but well designed. If you’re someone like me then throughout the day you’re constantly using your hands hitting things with your watch so now you have a scratched watch. Well my MVMT watch never looked like I banged it against my store fixtures or counter. Haha Like who doesn’t want a good decent watch nowadays?! But unfortunately I tend to get bored of the same thing so I needed to get a new one and now I own the CRUX watch which is all black. Instantly fell in love with this watch, shown above ! 

Okay overall it’s one of the best companies to ever exist and they also sell sunglasses. I haven’t tried them yet but I will soon. Promise! You can also find discounts from football players and influencers just check Instagram. 

Oh and before I end this blog …. Seriously there shipping is amazing. No joke! Some companies like Sephora and some of my favorite over seas brands take FOREVER to send me my order even when I pay the next day shipping fee. MVMT is not kidding they send it on time and beautifully wrapped in a box. With extra links! They also sell bands to change up your watch color so if you need change you can get it anytime. 

Also I realized I used you and you’re so much throughout my post. Sorry ! 

If you buy a watch don’t forget to hashtag with #jointhemvmt check their website MVMT

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